The benefits of law

A lot of people wonder nowadays why there are so many lawyers. Isn’t law supposed to be an expensive, hard and difficult subject and that only the best, the most motivated and the richest people can graduate it? And why does it continue to be so popular among young people when there are so many jobless lawyers?

The answer is simple – it’s just that law is associated with prestige, with high standard of living and with high reputation. That is what makes it so tempting to the students – they too want to be wealthy, to be prominent and to be among the most powerful politicians and businessmen in the world. It is true that there are alaw books lot of people with a law degree these days, but it is also true that there is a huge need for their services. Everywhere in the world people need their help even if it is for the most trivial of things like buying a second-hand car or signing everyday deals. Of course, this is not why people want to become lawyers.

The ones that do such services either have not succeeded in their careers or just want to have a simpler and more relaxed life. The other half, though, really wants to get out there and get some serious job done. They want to be involved in different cases (usually the criminal ones are the most interesting, although family law has also started to become popular) and to defend their clients.

The money is good, nobody can deny that. Even if there are plenty of lawyers there days you can never find a poor one. This seems fair since people give so much money for higher education in law and the more money you invest in it, i.e. being in the most prestigious and prominent universities, the better qualification you will get. This, on the other hand, will put you in a much better position amidst the high competition in this area. Usually people prefer to go to Western universities (Great Briton and USA) which will allow them to have much higher opportunities once they start their careers there or elsewhere in the world.

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